SUNS OUT BUNS OUT Custom 1 of 1 Ributt Vinyl Figure: “Wild Flower Child” by Andrea from @nightowlscatch

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SUNS OUT BUNS OUT Custom 1 of 1 Ributt Vinyl Figure:

“Wild Flower Child” by Andrea from @nightowlscatch


This custom Ributt was created by Andrea from @nightowlscatch

You can find more of their work at:


About this piece, from the creator:

After over a year of pandemic conditions, the 'Suns Out Buns Out' theme inspired a wild 70's flower child vibe. The clashing textures of the 70's are found underneath their shiny appearance. An itty bitty bikini, flirty toes and a healthy fat j to contribute to the summer festivities. This piece was hand painted using enamel paints. The j is a clay bead, hand formed and painted with a real leaf underneath. Slight discoloration may happen overtime with the leaf, however all other colors should withstand the test of time. I can be reached on my Etsy shop or Instagram with any comments, questions or concerns.


About the creator, from the creator:

I had a blast bringing this frog child to life! My name is Andrea Scovel, owner of @Nightowlscatch.  Art and crafting has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Only in the last few years (with encouragement from friends) have I started to share and sell various works of art with various mediums. Most of my art comes in the form of painting, macrame, cooking & film. See my latest or sold on my instagram page @Nightowlscatch. I am so grateful and honored to be a part of this show with so many wonderful artists. Thank you!


Support this amazing artist on Friday 7/16 at 8P ET by purchasing this one-of-a-kind piece for $100

All Suns Out Buns Out Custom Ributt purchases will be fully insured, come with a large Suns Out Buns Out sticker, a Spastic Collectibles enamel pin, and any extra items included by the artist!


Ributt is a designer vinyl figure created by LEFTOVERTOYS. Check them out at


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