SUNS OUT BUNS OUT Custom 1 of 1 Ributt Vinyl Figure: “Triple thick Ributt” by ToymanJohnny aka Johnny Peres

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SUNS OUT BUNS OUT Custom 1 of 1 Ributt Vinyl Figure:

“Triple thick Ributt” by ToymanJohnny aka Johnny Peres


This custom Ributt was created by ToymanJohnny aka Johnny Peres

You can find more of their work at:


About this piece, from the creator:

This piece was inspired from one of my favorite sweet treats to eat in the heat! Melting in all his glory, dripped out in a multi colored, candy paint sherbet ice cream combo. This Ributt is triple thick & extra glossy, with sprinkles, and a couple cherries on top to finish it off. Materials used are: Vinyl, Magic Resin, a 3D printer, epoxy, and an airbrush. 


About the creator, from the creator:

I don’t really have much to say about myself. I’m just a man with a passion to create, and inspire happiness through those creations. For almost 8 years now I’ve been a graphic designer trying to figure out what I want in life, and when I got introduced to designer toys, it changed my world.  Being able to turn what was once only a drawing on my iPad, into a physical piece of art, was mind blowing. It was an excitement I shared with a couple friends who really loved the idea as well, and that sparked my first 3D printer purchase. To say the least, It’s been a huge battle learning about everything, being able to produce figures from start to finish…but it’s also been really enjoyable. All my work is inspired from everyday objects or events.


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All Suns Out Buns Out Custom Ributt purchases will be fully insured, come with a large Suns Out Buns Out sticker, a Spastic Collectibles enamel pin, and any extra items included by the artist!


Ributt is a designer vinyl figure created by LEFTOVERTOYS. Check them out at


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