SUNS OUT BUNS OUT Custom 1 of 1 Ributt Vinyl Figure: “Ributt keepin' the waters safe” by Kliford, creator of @mytypeofshellies

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SUNS OUT BUNS OUT Custom 1 of 1 Ributt Vinyl Figure:

“Ributt keepin' the waters safe” by Kliford, creator of @mytypeofshellies


This custom Ributt was created by Kliford, creator of @mytypeofshellies

You can find more of their work at:


About this piece, from the creator:

When I heard this was gonna be a beach theme, I thought of 2 things: Baywatch, and beach balls hahaha. I had a good laugh picturing it dressed up in a one piece bathing suit and so I ran with the idea. Being that it's a Ributt, I wanted to give it a little something extra so I added a clear holographic coat to make it really stand out in that summer sun.


About the creator, from the creator:

I'm a graphic artist who loves to work with his hands. Vinyl toy design wasn't even a blip on my mind up until about a year and half ago. After going to Designer Con and seeing all the amazing artist and their creations, it planted a seed in my head. When everything got shut down due to the pandemic, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and so I went all in researching how to make a vinyl figure. I watched a lot of youtube videos, had many failed attempts, wasted a lot of materials, many many frustrations, and the desire to give up. In the end though, Shellies were born, my very own vinyl figure. As with other things I have done in life, from designing and building my own desk, or being inside of a dormant volcano, to being invited to join a group of talented artist to paint a designer toy, I find things are easier to do when you don't know they're not possible.


Support this amazing artist on Friday 7/16 at 8P ET by purchasing this one-of-a-kind piece for $140

All Suns Out Buns Out Custom Ributt purchases will be fully insured, come with a large Suns Out Buns Out sticker, a Spastic Collectibles enamel pin, and any extra items included by the artist!


Ributt is a designer vinyl figure created by LEFTOVERTOYS. Check them out at


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