Spastic Collectibles PopShield Pop Protectors

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Spastic Collectibles PopShield Pop Protectors

Classic 0.45mm PopShield Pop Protectors you know and love

stamped with the Spastic Collectibles Logo!


PopShield is simply the best Funko Pop protector on the market today.  

Features include:

  • .45 mm thick acid-free PET plastic, an average of 10-25% thicker than most other protectors. Thicker plastic = Better protection for your Pops!
  • Easy-peel protective film that keeps the PopShield from getting scratched before it gets to you.
  • Push-lock tab that adds structural integrity to the box when formed, and keeps the Pop safely inside no matter what happens.
  • Spastic Collectibles logo is stamped on the top flap to show off your FAVORITE Funko Spot! 

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