Ralphie's Scratch n Dent Grab Bag with Guaranteed 125% PPG Value! Grab Bag Spastic Pops

Ralphie's Scratch n Dent Grab Bag with Guaranteed 125% PPG Value!

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Ralphie's Scratch n Dent Grab Bag with Guaranteed 125% PPG Value!

Each grab bag will include commons / exclusives / vaulted / chase valued at a minimum of 125% of what you pay at time of purchase. Grab Bags will be created according to PPG within 24 hours of purchase date and will ship within 3 business days of purchase date. Pops and/or boxes may be damaged and condition will range from DAMAGED to 9.9. THIS BOX IS BEST FOR OUT OF BOX COLLECTORS. Grab bags will primarily be standard Funko pops but may include items from any Funko line. 




-We use PPG at time of grab bag creation and the value that appears is used.

-If no value exists on PPG, we do not use that item in our mystery boxes until it does. We do not use eBay values in any capacity.

-While rare, values can change from time of grab bag creation to when you receive your item. Please understand this prior to making a purchase.


1.) Your Grab Bag will contain items totaling the selection you made. You may receive items from any Funko line or category, but will receive NO MORE THAN ONE NON 4IN ITEM (if any).

2.) Your grab bag value will meet or exceed the price you paid at time of purchase.

3.) By purchasing this item, you understand that you will get a random pop(s) or any funko line item(s) of my choosing.

4.) Pops may be in perfect condition. Pops/boxes may be in less than perfect condition. 

5.) Items will be shipped with care.

6.) All Ralphie's Grab Bag pops are sold AS IS and no returns will be accepted or approved.

7.) Sticker condition or existence on some pops is not guaranteed. You will always get a legitimate pop, box, insert, and sticker from us. Sometimes, pops that normally will have stickers will not have them when they are part of our mystery boxes.

8.) This is a "Guaranteed Value" Grab Bag. Meaning, you are guaranteed only the value expressed above. This item is best for building bulk in your collection.

9.) All Ralphie's Grab Bag Orders will ship within 48 hours of purchase. 

10.) If you have questions about how all this works, contact Curtis at sales@spasticcollectibles.com. DO NOT place your order until you have gotten all the answers to your questions!

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