SURPRISE: What's in the BAG! (Guaranteed FULL value minimum!) FREE US SHIPPING

SURPRISE: What's in the BAG! (Guaranteed FULL value minimum!) FREE US SHIPPING

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SURPRISE: What's in the BAG!

(Guaranteed FULL value minimum!)



What's in the Bag is a new kind of mystery product with options for any type of collector! Each What's in the Bag comes with: 1 Loungefly Bag/Backpack & a minimum of 4 additional mystery items based on the collectibles selection you make. Select from the following collectibles that will be packed into your Loungefly Bag/Backpack:

Option 1: 1 Mystery Loungefly Bag/Backpack & 2 to 3 Mystery Funko items!

Option 2: 1 Mystery Loungefly Bag/Backpack  & 4+ Mystery Figpin items!

Option 3: 1 Mystery Loungefly Bag/Backpack & 2 to 3 Mystery Designer Toy items!

Option 4: 1 Mystery Loungefly Bag/Backpack & 2 to 4 Mystery SURPRISE ME items!

HELP US MAKE A GREAT BAG FOR YOU: Leave notes regarding the fandoms you LOVE & the ones you would prefer not to receive. We will do our best to include your preferences as best we can! (If for some reason, we are unable to hit any of your desired fandoms, we will contact you to request more time to build you a GREAT item.

SURPRISES: The fun part about this item is that Loungefly Bags/Backpacks have TONS of hidey holes that we can put EXTRA surprises in for you. Some examples of SURPRISES are:

Pocket Pops/Keychains 

Spastic Collectibles PopShield Pop Protectors

Extra Pops/Figpins/Designer Toys

Spastic Collectibles Merch


Gift Certificate Codes for our site OR for other collectibles sites we trust and want to SHARE with you!

Additional Customization: For now, this mystery product will have only one price point. If you would like a higher price/value point and or additional customization options not mentioned here, please contact Curtis at

Shipping & Fulfillment: FREE US SHIPPING & up to 3 Business Days (We will contact you if it will be longer).

About how items are valued for this product: 

Each "What's in the Bag" ordered will include an itemized list of all items including the bag. This list will be in a sealed envelope included in the package (so as to keep the surprise fun). Values will be taken directly from the most current for sale price of the items from our site. Any SURPRISE items will not be taken into consideration when valuing this product. IE: The value is simply the value of the Loungefly Bag/Backpack + the 4 included mystery items. 

If you have questions about how all this works, contact Curtis at DO NOT place your order until you have gotten all the answers to your questions!

NOTES: This is an experimental product, we will be adding/removing options and adjusting the cost of this item as get feedback. However, it will ALWAYS be guaranteed value minimum & you will ALWAYS get a value breakdown in a sealed envelope. 

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