SURPRISE: Figpin Surprise Box! (Guaranteed FULL value minimum!) FREE US SHIPPING Mystery Box Spastic Pops

SURPRISE: Figpin Surprise Box! (Guaranteed FULL value minimum!)

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SURPRISE: Figpin Surprise Box! (Guaranteed FULL value minimum!)

For the collector who enjoys Figpin & LOVES a surprise, All boxes will be valued OVER the value box you choose. A value breakdown sheet will be included with your order. Each box is hand curated by us using the figpin items we have in stock and/or the figpin items we have not yet listed for sale. If you have any general preferences, please share them in the notes section & we will try our best to accommodate your notes. Simply choose your value and we will do the rest!

Boxes of any value could have 1 or more super cool figpins for you.

Shipping & Fulfillment: FREE US SHIPPING.

About how items are valued for this product: 

Each "Figpin Surprise Box" ordered will include an itemized list of all items included. This list will be sealed and included in the package (so as to keep the surprise fun). Values will be taken directly from the most current for sale price of the items from our site.

If you have questions about how all this works, contact Curtis at DO NOT place your order until you have gotten all the answers to your questions!

NOTES: This is an experimental product, we will be adding/removing options and adjusting the cost of this item as we get feedback. However, it will ALWAYS be guaranteed value minimum & you will ALWAYS get a value breakdown in a sealed envelope. 

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