LED Light-Up Unicorn Plushie (3 COLORS, 4 SIZES) by Subtle Asian Treats

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Fulfilled by our friends at Subtle Asian Treats

What's better than an ultra-soft unicorn plushie? One that lights up of course! 

Made to be the perfect gift for any age, their light-up feature will dazzle any kid's life and their super cuddly build is sure to make even adults fall for them! 


  • Our Light-Up version only comes in 24"/ 60cm, and lights up in many colors!
  • You require 3 AAA batteries for the light-up version
  • Please allow a variation in measurement as our unicorn plushies are hand sewn.
  • Estimated Shipping: 15 - 30 business days
  • Material: Softplush+PP Cotton

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