CREATUREMAKER TOYS: LE10 "Mecha Fosty" 4in Resin Spastic Collectibles Exclusive FREE US SHIPPING

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LE10 "MechaFosty" 4in Resin Spastic Collectibles Exclusive


From CreatureMakerToys:

Mechafrosty is the collaborative work of Creaturemaker Toys and Spastic Collectibles. Spastic has featured work by Creaturemaker in the past, including the MechaRamble released as a collaboration through Vanser Toys. When approached with the idea for MechaFrosty by Spastic Collectibles, artist Ttace Goodwin of Creaturemaker Toys jumped on the idea and busted out a few sketches for the design. A few days later the digital sculpting process had begun. The idea was to cross a cute beloved character and a futuristic war machine. After sculpting frosty he was then to printed in solid resin on a qidi s box large format resin printer. Each frosty that came off the printer was then primed and hand painted. All artwork on the header cards is credited to arjo Santos (@br_vs) 
Overall this project was a collaboration between three parties, creaturemaker, spastic collectibles, and br_vs
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