Boba Plushie XL 🧋 by Subtle Asian Treats™

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Fulfilled by our friends at Subtle Asian Treats™

🧋 Ever seen boba this tempting before? No you haven't!

Need to fill your stay-at-home blues? This is the only (BO)BAE you need!

Spending too much time and money on boba? Why not spend on this too?

Want a boba plush as big as a baby? Yes you do!

Coming in 3 extremely adorable flavors and 4 cup sizes, these BUBBLY cuties are 100% SUGAR and guaranteed to be your BOBAE and brighten up your day!

Looking for other Boba flavors? Check out our new Taro and Matcha Boba Plushies and Fruity Boba Plushies!


Estimated Shipping: 15 - 30 business days
Material: Softplush+PP Cotton

(Sizes are measured from the bottom tip of the plushie to the tip of the straw. Please allow a variance in measurement of 2-3cm as all our plushies are hand-made)


We have been alerted through social media that multiple parties have been stealing our photos and content and using them to sell their own Boba Plushies. Please note that while they might have similar suppliers as us, they might not necessarily provide similar customer service, shipping times or refund policies. ALSO, ALL OUR REVIEWS ARE GENUINE AND ARE FROM REAL CUSTOMERS.

Photos that are taken by us include those that have a Gong Cha cup in them (e.g the picture in the description tab. More photo proof can be found on our Instagram page hereThese photos are taken by us and are not stock photos. ;) Also, please use your real emails when sending messages through our contact form, we'd love to respond to actual emails!

List of websites that have used our photos:

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