Battle Boxes: PLT

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Battle Boxes: PLT

Each customer will receive 3 pops, each in sorter boxes. Each customer will receive 1 pop from EACH category:

Category 1: 1 common pop

Category 2: 1 pop valued at around $15+ 

Category 3: 1 pop valued at around $20+

EXCEPT 1 customer, who will receive a pop valued at $20+($5/customer)

[value depending on total customers in the run]

IE: In a 4 person game, the top pop will be valued around $40+.


Pops will be randomized by category after they are sealed, then packed in each customers box. 

Minimum total value will be $33+

Maximum total value depends on total customers, but in a 4 person run will be $60+ depending on which secondary pops are received.

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