ARISE: 1 of 1 Custom Sank Backpack Boy “Winged Thunderbird” by Kata Customs

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ARISE: 1 of 1 Custom Sank Backpack Boy “Winged Thunderbird” by Kata Customs


“Winged Thunderbird” by Kata Customs


DIMENSIONS: 5cm x 5.8m x 16.5cm


NOTES: hand painted detail, hand sculpted wings attach with magnets, extra texturing added to helmets to allow metallic paint to catch the light.

“Winged Thunderbird” is limited to only 1 pieces and will be available on 3/31 at 8pm Eastern, priority fully insured shipping is complimentary within the US. 



6 artists were challenged with creating a truly distinctive work of art for you on the medium of Sank Toys' Backpack Boy figure. They were asked to use the following poem as their muse for their creation:


just as the sun ascends--


as it wards off the grey darkness,

arise. as if the weight is not

too arduous to bear,

arise. as if your life suspends 

in the equipoise,

arise. as if you do not flinch from the chill of

ghosts besieging your present,

arise. as if fear does not 

live within your cavernous cells,

arise. as if you are through with standing by

for your existence to commence,


ARISE is Spastic Collectibles' very first custom designer toy event, and we could not be more impressed with the amazing interpretations our artists came up with. We will be forever grateful to them for sharing their creativity with us. We hope you are as pleased with their designs as we are. 


ABOUT Kata Customs:

Katie Garcia has been customizing toys for a little over a year. Prior to that, she worked as an Illustrator and Game designer at Lakeshore Learning Materials, as well as Creative Manager and Product designer at Ozobot in Los Angeles. Now she works to customize her toys around her new full-time job, “Mommy.” You can find her work at KataCustoms or KataGarcia on Instagram, as well as streaming her customizing live on Twitch at KataGarcia. 

Check Out Kata Customs:

IG: @KataCustoms OR @KataGarcia

Twitch: KataGarcia

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