EcoTek FiGPiN Classic Protectors

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EcoTek FiGPiN Classic Protectors

EcoTEK Protectors New TruFitTM  Protectors for FiGPiNs will enable you to Safely, Store & Show off your FiGPiN collection!

EcoTEK Protectors was started in 2017 by a small group of POP! collectors and fanatics with one goal in mind. To provide a premium level of protection for your collection and do right by the environment.

We hope you experience the same joy that we have had growing and protecting our collections.

EcoTEK Recycling Initiative

Plastic is toxic to our world’s oceans and landfills.  Please join us in making sure our protectors never end up polluting either one.

The material used in EcoTEK protectors is 100% triple filtered, archive grade PET plastic.  If correctly disposed of PET is FULLY recyclable.

If for ANY reason you should decide that collecting and protecting is no longer for you, please make sure our protectors are recycled properly so that they never have a chance to pollute the environment.  If your city or town does not have the capacity to properly recycle PET plastic, PLEASE join the EcoTEK Recycling Initiative.

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